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" I have wanted a love sac for almost 10 years now but i could never afford one. Then i started researching other alternatives and found the ultimate sac. I was reluctant at first thinking it couldn't be as comfortable as a love sac and so much cheaper. but....it was!! i ordered the 6 foot sac last week and received it three days later. it is amazing!! i wish i would have ordered one sooner. it is so comfortable and the price can't be beat. I will be ordering another ultimate sac very soon!

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"Just received my ultimate sack yesterday...I love it. the way it cradles your body is fantastic. it is so comfortable, I could easily fall asleep. really feel I received a great quality product for the price. thank you ultimate sack!!!!!"

"We surprised our kids with two of these several years ago for christmas. Through 4 kids with multiple friends, they are still in great shape. I love that I can wash the covers. My college student has insisted that I save them for her when I'm ready to change the furniture in that room! I highly recommend."

"I suffer from vertigo and there for have issues sleeping. Since rescuing my ultimatesack i have found my self slsleeping in it more often than my bed because it forms to my body and keeps me from tossing and turning which causes my symptoms to get wors. Will definitely investing in the large size so my fianced can snuggle with me. Thanks for helping restore part of my life."

"We bought 2 of the 6 foot sacks and we couldn't be happier with them. The ivory fur color is a true ivory, not a bright white like in the display pictures. Very happy with how soft the fur is and how comfortable the sacks are. A nice addition to our family room/kid's playroom."

"I ordered a Sack for my toddler, and looked for a company 1) in the usa 2) with a saftey zipper/ lock 3) with a cover 4) filled with foam rather than beads. ultimate sack exceeded all my expectations beyond belief! The chair is so fluffy and comfortable, and the blue we picked out is beautiful. As a parent, I love knowing that the product is safe, and where it came from, too."

"I have been looking for a giant bean bag chair for a while now! There is a local store here in greenville that have large bean bag chairs; however, they cost around $500 to $800. I came across Ultimate sack and was amazed by the size and price! I received my family sack and absolutely fell in love!! I want to thank the owners of the company for providing my family with an amazing new additional in our living room (6") and a place for me to relax and complete work on my laptop. so awesome and well worth it!!!! A friend of ours asked for a ultimate sack as their wedding gift, everyone that encounters the chair will request information on this company. way to go!!!!!"

"bought the 5 ft model in faux fur black. it is incredibly comfortable. i am 6 ft tall and fits nicely. if you have limited space i would order the smaller version. the one i have is large but is comfortable for people over 6 ft. very well made, washable cover, easy to setup, quick delivery. highly recommend."

"Im going to say that this is the best purchase we have ever made my kiddos love it... One thing I would suggest is more options on cover material. but regardless we did a lot of research and ultimate sack came out the winner.. in regards to price so much cheaper than lovesac by far...."

"I am excited to be writing a review for you folks at ultimatesack as i believe this is probably one of the best spending ventures I have ever invested in. The primary reason I decided to even google around and try to research bean bag chairs is due to the fact that about a year and a half ago I injured my lower back pretty bad. Disc herniation at l5-s1 with some other issues that have left me in chronic pain. so i can not sit very long in any piece of furniture that i own. so i started googling around knowing ahead of time that if i couldn't find a high quality bean bag type piece of furniture i'd scrap the idea pretty quickly. I found ultimatesack's site pretty quickly and after thoroughly checking out their site and reading every single review i decided these looked pretty sweet. there appears to be daily deals that vary slightly but the day i happened to find the website their deal was $75 off- a free footstool ( which was a must if i bought the beanbag chair because it helps with my back pain and they are $100 ) and free shipping, which with something this big and heavy ( 70 lbs ) would be around $80. If these folks did not offer a deal like this i would have been looking at around double the price. so the daily deal was without a doubt the deal solidifier for me. I chose their biggest and best, the ultimate sack 6000 as I am a bigger guy. 6'2 and 270 lbs . I will try to wrap this up here. I ordered the ultimate sack 6000 along w/ the free footstool. I opted to customize both with the charcoal grey fur outer liner. the fur is a no brainer and i knew this going in - it feels amazing. i ordered on a saturday and it shipped out monday and was here on tuesday around noon. granted i live about 3 hours away but in other reviews i read ultimate was praised pretty CONSISTENTLY for quick shipping and rightfully so. my only concern which has been laid to rest is because i am such a big guy, i was concerned primarily with longevity . MY WORRY WAS THAT SINCE I AM HEAVIER THAN MOST PEOPLE THAT MAYBE BODY IMPRINTS WOULD STAY AND THE THING WOULD NOT FLUFF BACK UP. THIS DOESN'T SEEM LIKE THIS WILL BE A PROBLEM BUT I HAVE ONLY HAD IT FOR A DAY AND A HALF AT THIS POINT. LONG STORY SHORT, I AM SO HAPPY I RANDOMLY DECIDED TO GOOGLE SEARCH FOR QUALITY BEANBAG CHAIRS. IF I HAD MORE MONEY I VERY HONESTLY WOULD GET RID OF MY COUCH AND JUST BUY TWO MORE OF THESE THINGS W/ MATCHING FOOT STOOLS. HIGH QUALITY IN EVERY WAY THAT I CAN SEE. AMAZINGLY COMFY, VERY ATTRACTIVE LOOKING AND ANOTHER FACTOR VERY MUCH WORTH POINTING OUT IS THE PRICES - I FOUND A COUPLE OF ULTIMATE'S MAIN COMPETITION OUT THERE AND AS FAR AS I COULD TELL FOR THE EXACT SAME CHAIR ( NO FOOTSTOOL ETC. ) I WAS SEEING PRICES OF $800 ETC. tHANK YOU SO MUCH ULTIMATE FOR CREATING HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS AND LITERALLY LETTING US BUY FROM YOU FOR ROUGHLY HALF THE COST OF WHAT APPEARS TO BE YOUR EQUIVALENT. i AM IMMEDIATELY A FANBOY AND HAVE ALREADY PUT UP A POST ON MY FB ADVERTISING BOTH YOUR PAGE AND A SHORTENED REVIEW. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME ! STEVE lEICHTY"


"We love our ultimate sack so much we ordered another one thats all u need to know"


"We loVe our Ultimate sack. It is very comfortable to lay on and watch a movie. We bought it 5 years ago, but just a week ago we had to buy a new cover. Our puppy chewed the zipper and there wasnt a way to fix it. I love the newer zipper design and the fact the zipper is now on the bottom of the sack!"

"We selected the ultimate sack based on way too much time researching. By far they appeared to be the best product for the price. We bought the 5000 model for our son's BEDROOM with $100 off and free shipping. That's what sealed the deal. The sack came in a cardboard box sealed well. Inside was a bagged cube of compressed foam. Instead of making a mess As seen in reviews, I kept the liner closed and worked the foam loose. As they fell apart more and more I resorted to kicking it about 200 times. Perfect. Fluffed up. Took about 24 hours to fully fluff. The only "negative" is the Navy cover has a purple Hue to it. It isn't a true navy. But it's not bad enough to send back, just wanted to not for the anal buyer. The kids love it. We love it. If the cover holds up this year, we plan on buying a couple more next year for the other two kids and the basement play room. Well worth it! Thanks"

"I bought one of these for my 7-year-old's room when we cleaned it up and redecorated. We got the 4 foot with a footstool and we sit in it together and read. But his favorite activity is to leap off his bunk bed ladder into it. We've had it for a few months and so far, it's not only teen proof, it's 7-year-old proof! The zippers and seams are holding. We are about to order another for our living room. The prices can't be beat and the foam is sooooo much better than beads. I feel like I'm floating when I sit in it, and I don't have to listen to the squeak of shifting styrofoam."

"i bought 3 4000 sacs for my kids for the 2015 christmas. the shipping was fast. the sacs did take a little while to expand all the way. when i had a problem with the product, they took care of me. they are realy good responding too. i realy like the sacs. my kids love them. i would RECOMMEND the sacs to all."

"I went to my friends apartment often and her roommate had an ultimate sack. I was allowed to sit in it and I fell in love. I bought one of my own and i could not be happier. It has been almost a year since my purchase and it is still as soft and poofy as the first day I got it. I love it, my cat loves it, friends and family fight over who gets to sit in it next."

"We ordered two of the large 6000 chairs from ultimate SACK, and the family loves them. Shipping was fast and customer support was very responsive. After a week of having these giant bags we felt that they were not as full as we hoped, so we asked for more foam and it was shipped out the very next day ! Now that we have packed the bags with the new foam, they are exactly what we wanted. I live by the saying "you get what you pay for" and ultimate SACK delivered amazingly in that regard. Just make sure you have the room if you order the 6000's, they really are huge! Thank you ultimate SACK, we will definitely buy from you again!"

"so i was really hesitant to spend $300 on a bean bag chair without even testing it first. but i was reading some reviews on it and they all seemed to be pretty good, so i went out on a whim and bought one. it was the best purchase i could have ever done. it takes some time for the foam to break up inside and fully expand but it is so incredibly comfortable and i couldn't be happier with it. so if you are looking for an affordable bean bag chair this is the one you want to get! i also strongly recommend getting the foot rest with it as well, it makes a huge difference in the comfortability factor!"

"I bought my Ultimate Sack about a month ago, and as I keep telling my friends, it is the best purchase I have made on a whim. I've wanted a giant foam bean bag chair since I saw one at a friend's house, but they seemed so expensive. I was a little apprehensive about buying a cheaper one at first, but the one I got from you guys is definitely comparable to all the other ones I've seen! I got a 6 ft sack with a black fur cover, and it is an absolute hit. I can never get my roommates and friends out of my room! I barely ever sleep in my bed anymore. You guys are awesome!"

"It came yesterday and is comfortable beyond belief. It exceeded my expectations and I am not easily pleased. The filling is very, very soft and form fitting and the cover is very well made with attention to detail. For the record last week I was at Orland Square mall and "test sat" a love sack. No comparison. The double priced love sack was actually lumpy and the woman did not get off the phone the entire time I was in there. KP"

"This letter is in regards to a 6-foot bean bag chair that I purchased winter of 2011. It was purchased for approximately $200 on your website. This chair is currently in use in my basement at home for watching movies and just relaxing. It has been a favorite spot of all of my friends as well when they visit. The chair is so comfortable that when you sit in it you never want to get up. The size that I ordered also allows for me and someone else to sit in it. Footstool is also a very comfortable feature that just seals up this item as a great product for consumers. I would just like to thank the producers of this product for a job well done. I also would like to suggest that you come out with slip covers with designs instead of just plain colors. This has been one of the best chairs I have ever sat in.Thank you for your time involved in this product and reading this letter. I am definitely an avid supporter of your company. If you have any questions you can reach me by phone or e-mail. - Nate"

"LOVE IT! I can't believe I almost spent three times more on a Love Sac. Thanks you guys, this thing came in 4 days and it's everything I hoped for. - Sean, New Jersey"

"The Ultimate Sack bean bag chair has been the best addition to our family room. My husband and I fight over who gets to sit in it, but that's only if our two boys aren't already in it. We are currently trying to get rid of our recliner to make room for another Ultimate Sack. - Jennifer from Twin Lakes, Ohi"

"Dear Ultimate Sack Company, I just want to thank you for the beanbag that my son received yesterday. He absolutely loves his new furry beanbag! It came quickly and was packaged perfectly. You offer a great product with wonderful customer service. Thank you so much! We will definitely recommend your product to others. We also love the fact that your product is made in the U.S.A. We need more companies that manufacture products in the United States! - Yolanda"

"I can't believe that I ordered my sack on Monday afternoon and received it on Wednesday Afternoon. Just got it set up last night and already love it. It's nice to know that I can 'Buy American' and still get quality along with service. Thanks so much and you'll likely be hearing from me again in the future for another sack. -David"

"I just want to tell you that our Ultimate Sack arrived today and we absolutely loved it. It came in less than 2 days, the shipping and packaging was amazing! Thanks so much for such a great experience, I will definitel be telling all of my friends about your product! -Kandy"

"Hello, I wanted to take a minute to write to you all to tell you how pleased we are with our sacks. The girls absolutely love them - they are the highlight of any visits from friends - the first thing they want to show them. They're so comfortable and are great for a playroom. It's so easy to move them to the side to make room for dancing or other activities. The quality is fantastic, and the sack forms so nicely to your body. My wife and I comfortably fit on the 5 footer together. We're thrilled. Moreover, the customer service was fantastic. Thanks for having a great product! - Robert from Arlington, Virgin"

"My Ultimate Sack arrived yesterday in perfect condition. This order has the distinction of being the very first (of many) internet purchases to arrive without a flaw, damaged or just plain wrong. Many thanks to all involved. I will certainly order from Ultimate Sack in the future. - Bryce from Columbus, Ohio"

"I purchased my Ultimate Sack for my dorm room at college. As soon as I sat in it I didn't want to get out. It is great to nap in because the foam just forms to your body, it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. It is also great for doing homework or just relaxing. Definitely worth the money! I love my Ultimate Sack! - Kristen from Thiel College, Pennsylvania"

"I just wanted to thank you for sending me the extra foam for my chair and how pleased I am with my purchase from your company (like a 12 on a scale of 1-10 on satisfaction). The way you handled my issue of not having enough foam in my bag for my liking was almost surreal on how easy and non-frustrating you made things. It's hard to come by a company such as yourselves with such satisfying customer service these days. I absolutely plan to do business with Ultimatesack.com again. I love my chair so much I refer them to all my friends! You can absolutely count on A+ rating report. Thank you! - Dylan"

"Customer Service is flawless. I've received prompt responses both times I've called in with questions and Eric was very helpful and informative."

"Ultimate Sack's fur covers blow LoveSac's Puppy Phur cover out of the water. I've sat in both, and Ultimate Sack's fur covers are smoother, softer, more comfortable, and overall a lot nicer to the touch. Plus they have a large selection of colors and patterns for their furs while LoveSac offers... one."

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the new dog bed and I have one VERY HAPPY GREYHOUND!!!! He usually sleeps with me upstairs but the first night with his new bed he wanted to sleep in it downstairs! The foam rubber is just a perfect substance for him. It doesn't get all matted down like his old fiber-fill bed did. Thank you from Hank and me."

"Hi! I just received my Sack today, and so far, I love it! My nephew unpacked it for me while I was at work, so I came home to a nice cuddly cocoon of goodness. Fabric is great, color is great, and the cool thing is it only took 7 days from ordering to delivery to Alaska! Awesome! Cant wait to see how big it will be when it fully fluffs, its already wicked comfortable! Anyways, cudos to your staff and product, I've already decided to order a 6 footer, cause one is not enough! Thanks again!"

"Cannot believe the level of comfort from your product. I call it the Nap Trap for obvious reasons, so relaxing in any position from sitting to laying on your back or on your side. It could even double as an extra bed. I'm already thinking about replacing a recliner with a second one. Thanks Eric ? my second one. Absolutely love the 1st sack we bought from you. thanks"

"Thank you SO very much for the update & help. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your timely response....thanks for everything. You guys are the best! Have a good day and thanks again."

"Just wanted to let you know how much my girls love their Sack. I actually slept in one of theirs the 1st night we got them. Very comfortable! Above all, I would like to thank you all for your help while ordering. You were all so very kind, I will definitely do business with you again, and appreciate all your help with/ these orders. Thanks again!"

"Thanks for the Ultimate Sack....it is great!! You were such a pleasure to work with."

"i ordered an ultimate sac for my daughter for christmas. your customer service rep was wonderful. my order was received by christmas which i didn't think was going to happen since i ordered so late and it the material wasn't in stock. anyhow, wanted to let you know how totally pleased i am with the sack, my daughter loved it and i thank you for shipping it so fast!! i have already told many family members about your website who now would like one of these bean bag chairs. thanks again"

"Aloha- I just wanted to say, "Thank You." I got my Ultimate Sac last night and it was so comfortable I wanted to sleep in it! It arrived exactly when you said it would, which surprised me because I live on Maui. I also want to thank you for keeping the cost of shipping down... When I saw how large it was and how fast it got here. I cannot believe we got it shipped for $80.00. Thank you so much!"

"It was nice talking to you tonight. I changed my mind and went with your advice on getting the bag in the fur fabric. I am so glad that I found you guys on the internet. It's nice doing business with other 'small business owners' in the U.S. thanks again for your help and wonderful customer service!"

"We got it yesterday. It is awesome. My kids love it. Thanks!!!! My son Slept on it last night!!"

"I just got my sack today! (Less than an hour ago.) Not only did it get here much faster than I expected, it is just the greatest thing ever. I love it! I can't wait for my cousins (5 and 8) to come over tonight and try it out. Thanks!"

"Hi I just wanted to let you guys know that I ordered my Sack this weekend and got it yesterday. That's within 3 days! Thanks and I am very excited for it to fluff out to its full size. Thanks again!"

"I just wanted to thank you for excellent service. My Ultimate Sack wasn't supposed to be shipped for another few weeks, but you were able to ship it in time for my sisters' birthday. She loves it. She was really excited to have her name on it. I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know."

"Thanks so much! It is a pleasure doing business with you. Our friends love the sacks too - I'll send them your way!"

"We received our Sack this morning and it was AWESOME! Everything you said it would be. Molly will be sending you a picture and she is also going to put it on her facebook!"

"The customer service here is great! They went out of their way to make sure my Ultimate Sack was perfect for my theme room. It's not often that a company will call you and offer to do a little extra plus they even called me after I received my sack to make sure it was perfect! I cant say enough about this company, I will for sure buy from again! The Ultimate Sack is the best seat in the house!!"

"This sack is the ULTIMATE in comfort and fun! When my husband asks to sit in the chair our son says 'Get your own!' Good advice! Guess we'll be ordering a friend for our 4 foot leopard print soon..."

"Wanted to write and say thanks for the great service. I purchased 2 6' sacks and needed them delivered by my daughters birthday. They not only came ahead of schedule but the phone call we received from you guys, making sure everything was alright, was great. The sacks were for our sitting area in the game room and were a huge hit. When I went into the room all the girls were crammed on the sacks and having a great time. We are continuing to recommend the ultimate sack to everyone. Thanks!"

"Gentlemen, I am definitely impressed with your customer service. Instead of taking 2 weeks, my 2 sacs came in 4 days. Also, the personal phone call to see if everything was OK, is just about unheard of in business these days. Although, my motivation is now stifled....once I get in the sac....I find it hard to want to get out!!!"

"I'm in love with my Ultimate Sack! Once you lay in it, you will never want to get up. The Ultimate Sack instantly conforms to your body for optimal comfort. It is a must have in any home! - Amanda from Lake Wylie, South Carolina"

"Ultimate Sack is by far the best foam bag on the market. The foam quality in the Ultimate Sack is by far superior to any bag I have owned in the past. The Ultimate Sack forms to your body for the most comfort on the market, not to mention the dramatic price difference." - Scott from Las Vegas, Nevada "The Ultimate Sack, a sports fanatics dream. You will forget about the couch, recliner, or anything else you used to watch the game from. The Ultimate Sack has become an instant hit by anyone who comes to my house, and I must agree it's the best place to watch the game, play video games or just lay back and take a nap.- Drew from Lake Wylie, South Carolina"

"Ultimate Sack is by far the most comfortable seat I have ever sat in. It's soft, comfortable and conforms to your body as you lay in it. It makes watching TV much more enjoyable. As a former pro athlete, it's plenty big enough to lounge comfortably with plenty of room to spare. Make your basement or "Men's Room" the Ultimate! The Ultimate Sack is the ultimate in comfort. - Jim Ballard, former Buffalo Bills QB"

"I wanted to write and say thanks for the great service. I purchased 2 6' sacks and needed them delivered by my daughter's birthday. They not only came ahead of schedule but the phone call we received from you guys, making sure everything was alright, was great. The sacks were for our sitting area in the game room and were a huge hit. When I went into the room all the girls were crammed on the sacks and having a great time. We are continuing to recommend the ultimate sack to everyone. Bruce - Belgrade, Montana"

"Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new ultimate sack. I am really impressed with the size, comfort and quality. It is everything you said it was plus more. I couldn't be happier. It is definitely the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in and owned. Bob - Twin Lakes, Ohio"

"ONCE I PURCHASED AN ULTIMATE SACK AFTER reviewing every COMPETITOR ON THE MARKET, My KIDS FOUGHT OVER WHO would GET TO SIT IN THE SACK. THAT LEFT me one OPTION - TO BUY ONE for EVERY PERSON IN THE FAMILY.... including MY.BROTHER WHO LIVES IN CALIFORNIA! there is NOTHING LIKE AN ultimate SACK. COMFORT. Quality. INTEGRITY. If YOU WANT TO MELT into A CLOUD AND KNOW WHAT you're paying for IS MAKING the world A more comfortable place - BUY A SACK. I have NEVER known ANYONE TO BE disappointed.... I HAVE the honor of being THE BEST gift GIVER in THE family. THANK YOU, ultimate SACK!"

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